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      Mastering the perfect pillow setup

      Mastering the perfect pillow setup

      Pillows and throws are the simplest way to give any sofa that gorgeous, impeccably finished decorator look. However, with nearly endless potential combinations, it can be hard to know where to start.

      Today we take an attempt in breaking down the basics, from pillow sizing to patterns, to help you fashion your perfect sofa setup.

      Set up One: All about the layers

      You can never miss with a tried out best practice.  This is a tried and true classic formula for creating a harmonious throw pillow arrangement on your sofa.  I like to start at the back with a larger pillow (usually 20-22” square) in a solid accent color that is found in a few small places in the room.  The color should also contrast a lot with the color of your sofa fabric. 

      Next, in front of the solid pillow, is a slightly smaller (about 2” - 4” smaller) pillow with a small-scale geometric or organized pattern.  The coloring in this pillow should contrast with the solid pillow behind it.  Remember with every layer, you are looking for contrast. 

      Finally, I like to finish with a smaller rectangular (approximately 12” x 20”) accent pillow, I like for the pattern to be a larger scale, and for the coloring to incorporate several of the colors found in the room.

      Pillow Cover setup-1

       Image Courtesy : Pinterest

      Set up Two: Bold – Floral Combinations

      This throw pillow arrangement is one of my favorites - it’s always fun and not so serious.  You’ll start with a bold, graphic striped pillow at the back.  In front of that, layer in a slightly smaller pillow that has a floral pattern that coordinates with the color of the striped pillow.  Or, if floral is not your thing, try a more organic pattern that has some movement or whimsy.  Basically, any kind of pattern that is not too structured.

      Pillow Setup -2

       Image Courtesy : Pinterest

      Set up Three: Play with textures and material

      Colour and size aren’t the only interest that cushions can offer to your design scheme. Adding distinguishing textures and fabrics can emphasize other material in the room.

      Use contrast to help set the tone. A faux-fur cushion gives your room a soft layered appeal and an extra cozy atmosphere when paired with a fur throw.

       Image Courtesy : Pinterest

      Combining material and textures to complement existing furnishings can add instant warmth and a harmonious blend to your decor.

      Set up Four: Arrange them well

      For large sofas, try two on each side and one or two in the middle so that each part of the sofa has a color pop. The key is to keep experimenting with arrangements until you find what you like. 
      Pillow Setup 4 Image Courtesy : Pinterest

      Once you have your look covered, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of your new cushions!